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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Engagement Party

So I finished a huge order (half in Polish, half in English) and totally forgot to take pictures before I shipped them off :( WAAHHHH. They were green and black and very pretty :)

On to the next, was a very patient Dawn.  She had a drawing she wanted on the engagement party invites and some simple, but pretty, wording.  So here it is on paper! So excited for her and her finacee Jerry.

Also on Friday night I printed out some coupon code cards for an event for The MomSay - a website that I blog for on Wednesdays.  They are having an event on Friday that I can not attend (we have the start of 4 weddings in a row!) so I made some cards that they can put in the goodie bags.

I will give all my lovely readers my coupon code. :)

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