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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


So, with the idea of baby coming in less than 4 months (theoretically) my mind is RACING.  I feel like there is so much I want and need to do before he gets here to get myself grounded.  However I also feel like there is not enough time in the world, even if I were to swear off sleeping.  A bunch of stuff I "need" to do pertains to Invitations By Melanie, and a bunch pertains to baby's bedroom.  I have this idea that I have to DIY everything for him.  I thought I'd use this blog to gather my Invites thoughts.  Here's what I want to get done.....

*Take one day where I print like crazy and then take pictures like crazy.  I think maybe part of the reason why I'm not selling is because I don't have pictures of my items - only digital samples.  So I am thinking maybe I should just print like crazy and then take pictures.  This is not going to be an easy feat, as it will probably take an entire weekend.  This won't be done for a while seeing as how we have weddings for the next 3 weekends.
*Add a bunch to the shop.  I want to add moving announcements, wedding monogram labels, wedding monograms, wedding program samples, more onesie stickers...the list goes on.
*Do something with all of the candle making and bath and body supplies I bought when I thought I wanted to start that business.  Either make a bunch and give them away as gifts, sell them, or just sell the supplies straight up. I should probably sell the supplies straight up to make some extra money.

I felt like there was more, but this is a lot to think about and get through.  And this is only from this business.  I have so much I need to do around the house on top of this.  Oh, and work 40 hours a week. Here goes nothing...

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