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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Craft show fun!

Ok, after a few long days of working and thinking, I have decided how to display everything at this craft fair in October.  I am going to print out some pricing sheets that people can take home and then also have the prices out.  I will have one table devoted to weddings and another table for all of my other stuff.  My boss at work gave me a great idea of putting boxes out on the table (under some fabric) to make things look nice and defined.  So here is my wedding table display (just need to print out menus and guest book pages) without the sheet and without the tabletop easels I am going to buy tomorrow at Hobby Lobby - they are wooden and only $2! I am super excited to pick them up tomorrow. I am seriously like a giddy little school girl this weekend.  Going to make it hard to go back to work on Tuesday!! :)

The whole table! Please excuse my messy messy basement :)

Table number displays

Place cards

Obviously it is going to look a lot nicer when I pick out a color fabric to drape over it all.

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