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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I am OFFICIALLY crazy!!!

...As if you didn't know this already :)

I have officially decided to start another business of scented soy candles and scented body products. The idea is to get this running and include a good friend of mine, but she currently has a newborn and a toddler so it's easier for me to iron things our for now :)

I posted these pictures in a previous post but I'll put them up again....

Body butter and lip balm - I have decided that this particular body butter isn't where I'd like it to be and I just made another one and have ordered a third kind. I am thinking I am going to go with the third kind. I'm not crazy about this lip balm either, so these 2 products I will not be producing!! I have a new lip balm that I LOVE and will be selling. It's the first product that I have perfected - pictures to come soon.

Anyway, I NEED TESTERS!! Some lip balm flavorings are on their way and I will be sending/giving those away soon with invitation orders. All of my products are safe, no worries. I've done my research. My plan is to hopefully have this all tested and up and running this fall so I can start doing parties/orders for Christmas time.

Comment below if you are willing to try some stuff out! For free, of course. :)

The name is going to stay a secret until it's all up and running. I know, you're going nuts!! ;)