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Sunday, January 16, 2011


AHHHHH! Ever since I got my website up and running I have really neglected my blog. I am going to attempt to connect it with facebook more often.

Lately I have been really really trying to expand my business. I got my website, I have more listings on etsy.com (User name HandmadeInvites; considering changing it to connect with Invitations By Melanie more). I have been getting a lot of good ideas. A lot of birth announcement ideas on account of all of the babies being born around me! (One in August, one in January).

So far I have about 8 weddings, one prom, some birth announcements, and a Bar Mitzvah all this year! I have yet to say No to someone this year- I am hoping I never have to. I would hate to turn down business! :o)

Here's to a much more successful year!

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